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Mission Statement:


The Reva Foundation is dedicated to helping stray dogs and cats rescued from abusive situations.  The Foundation is named for Reva an amazing dog rescued from the streets of Los Angeles. Her never ending love and devotion is an inspiration to rescue other less fortunate animals.  Unfortunately, there is an abundance of stray animals in Los Angeles and the vicinity.  The shelters are overcrowded with dogs and cats that are euthanized every day.  Many of the rescues are picked up directly off the street, while others are released from abusive home environments.


Once an animal is picked up, the first concern is the health of the dog or cat.  Veterinary attention and evaluation are obtained as soon as possible.  Many if not most of the animals have some medical problem due to neglect or abuse.  Once an animal is stabilized and stronger, as many are severely malnourished, spay or neuter takes place if not already done so that further overpopulation of pets does not occur.  The animal is then moved from the veterinary hospital to the trainer.


The training is the most important part of the process.  The training is far more than simple commands but is the true rehabilitation of the animal.  Socialization with people and other animals is key, as well as building the animal ’s confidence to prevent unwanted behavior such as chewing, fear biting, or destructive acts.  The animals are trained in a home environment and the Reva Foundation will use a trainer that has worked with many rescue societies.  The investment in training is key to optimizing the success of placing the animal in a long term home.  Training will greatly minimize the risk of an animal being returned for an unwanted behavior.


Once the animal has completed the training process, the animal will continue to be boarded with the trainer or a foster home until a permanent home is obtained.  Kenneling the animal only promotes poor behavior and neurosis.  Promotion of the animal is important through posters, internet advertising, ads in local papers, adoption fairs, and networking.  Some animals are faster placements than others.


Every prospective adopter is screened thoroughly by phone, receives a house check, and signs an adoption agreement.  If for some unanticipated reason an animal cannot be kept in the adopter’s home,  the animal must always comes back to the Foundation.  For the rare event that an animal cannot be placed, the Foundation will pay for the animal to be boarded for its lifetime.  The Reva Foundation will never euthanize an animal because of the inability to find it a home.  A nominal donation for the animal is requested at the time of adoption.


The process is ongoing and the number of animals taken in by the Foundation will depend on the urgency of the situation and the donations received by the Reva Foundation.  The goal of the Foundation is to facilitate the rehabilitation of unfortunate animals through rescue, medical care, socialization and training,  and then place them in long term loving homes.

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PO Box 691575 West Hollywood, CA 90069 | Tax ID# 02-0764905 501c(3)